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From idea to production in record time

The Next.js 14+ (App Router) boilerplate that saves you 150+ hours of setup hassle. Experience rapid business launch, not setup fatigue.


Empowering solo makers and tech teams with seamless coding - best practices, one-click tests, zero duplicity, and library compatibility guaranteed.
Turborepo, Typescript, Prettier, ESLint


Dive into Next.js 14+ (App Router) like a pro, experiencing React Server Components, route interception, and more in action.
Next.js 14+ (App Router)


Launch and share your cloud-based database swiftly and bid farewell to the 'It worked on my computer' headache.
PostgreSQL, Prisma


Choose from a wide array of popular authentication services, including Google and magic link authentication, to secure your application with ease.
Auth.js (NextAuth.js)

Design system

Use an open-source and optimized component library. No vendor lock-in — just copy, paste, and flavor with Tailwind CSS when needed.
Radix UI, Tailwind, shadcn/ui

It used to take me a long time to complete the initial project setup. It made business idea validations tedious and ineffective. These days are gone. I created CodebaseUp with cutting-edge technologies and best practices in mind. Grab your copy and launch your ideas fast.

Jakub Havej

Creator of CodebaseUp

150+ hours saved

Modular design puts you in control

Not every project requires every feature. That's why the codebase is modular and customizable. Enjoy the flexibility to choose what fits your project.


Unlock the revenue potential with payment gateway integration.


Transform your site into a multilingual masterpiece.

Blog & Docs

Craft content with MDX syntax, manage it by a tool you love.
Contentlayer, MDX


Reach humans instead of spam folders. Build emails at scale.
Sendgrid, React Emails

File uploads

Store user files secure and globally accessible.


Rank your site at the top of search engine results.
Vercel metadata, Vercel OG

Site analytics

Understand your audience, build funnels, and optimize for success.
Google tag manager, Google Analytics GA4


Sleep soundly with real-time monitoring.

Forms & Validations

Use performant, flexible, and extensible forms with easy-to-use validation.
React Hook Form, zod


Build a robust and error-free web applications.

Chrome extension

Create custom browser solutions and enhance your browsing experience with ease.

Community support

Need a helping hand or a fresh perspective? You'll never be alone on this journey.

Simplifying your success

Shortcut to web development mastery

Unleash your creative genius without the hassles of setup. The codebase streamlines development, so you can focus on what truly matters—innovation.

Zero-cost scaling

Forget infrastructure expenses - the built-in modules start with free tiers, and you pay as you grow.

Rapid launch

Your project is ready to go out of the box; just provide your credentials for instant deployment.

For developers at all skill levels

Whether you're a solo maker or part of a team, our comprehensive documentation and community support cater to developers at every skill level. You're never alone on this journey to success.