What's inside

What's inside

CodebaseUp is a Next.js 14+ (App Router) boilerplate that saves you 150+ hours of setup hassle. Experience rapid business launch, not setup fatigue.

The codebase is based on monorepo project structure. Each package/app is 100% TypeScript.

CodebaseUp Free

The Free version contains a subset of modules offered by a Pro version but still can get you really far.

Monorepo Empowering solo makers and tech teams with seamless coding - best practices, one-click tests, zero duplicity, and library compatibility guaranteed.

Manage the monorepo with ease, e.g. add a new package to a specific app/package from anywhere inside the repository:

pnpm add -D some-package --filter=web

Have peace of mind with single-command monorepo tests (Typescript/ESLint) that can automatically run with every commit, e.g.:

pnpm run lint
pnpm run lint --filter=web

Next.js Dive into Next.js 14+ (App Router) like a pro, experiencing React Server Components, route interception, and more in action.

Database Launch and share your cloud-based database swiftly and bid farewell to the 'It worked on my computer' headache.

Authentication Choose from a wide array of popular authentication services, including Google and Magic Link authentication, to easily secure your application.

Design system Use an open-source and optimized component library based on Radix UI. No vendor lock-in — copy, paste, and flavor with Tailwind CSS when needed.

CodebaseUp Pro

The premium modules take it up a notch by providing functionalities to key use cases of every modern app.

Internationalization Transform your site into a multilingual masterpiece.

Blog Craft content with MDX syntax. Manage it by Notion.so (soon).

Emailing Reach humans instead of spam folders. Build emails at scale.

File uploads Store user files securely and globally accessible.

SEO Rank your site at the top of search engine results from the get-go.

Site analytics Understand your audience, build funnels, and optimize for success.

Monitoring Sleep soundly with real-time monitoring.

Forms & Validations Use performant, flexible, and extensible forms with easy-to-use validation.

Payments (soon) Unlock the revenue potential with payment gateway integration.

Testing (soon) Build robust and error-free web applications.

Chrome extension (soon) Create custom browser solutions and enhance your browsing experience with ease.

Community support (soon) Need a helping hand or a fresh perspective? You'll never be alone on this journey.